Greater Good – Part 2

Hello all! This week’s post is the second half of the Greater Good story from last week. If you haven’t read that yet, please do so here. As always, please feel free to post comments and critiques below! I hope you enjoy reading this story as much as I enjoyed writing it! And Merry Christmas to you all! May you be filled with cheer as we enter into 2020!

26 “Are you feeling…ok?” he asked hesitantly.  She nodded, looking around at the garage they were in.  Technically it was a side room within a larger garage, but it obviously belonged to a mechanic.  She doubted this kid was the main mechanic, though. He looked much too young, even for an irregular world such as Elysium City.  Then, Rainbow remembered something important. Very important. She had not yet introduced herself, and she had no idea what this kid’s name was, either.

27 “I’m Rainbow Moon,” she said, hoping he’d get the hint and respond with his own name.  Unfortunately he didn’t. He simply nodded, once again rubbing his hand through his hair.  She waited for a minute, and when he stayed silent she probed him gently with a question: “Who are you?”

28 The kid seemingly snapped to attention, blushing slightly.  “Felix,” he said quickly, “Felix Hobson.” Rainbow held back a chuckle.  Even though she knew his slowness was caused by the Orations, she couldn’t help thinking it made him look like a sweet dork.

29 “Do you live here?  Alone?” Rainbow asked, scanning his face with her perceptive blue eyes.  Felix nodded and then shook his head. He explained that he lived here with Baz Parrish.  He was the mechanic who owned the shop. However, Baz never had any customers, so he pretty much just spent his time working on an old car he had found.  When Rainbow asked to see the car, Felix didn’t hesitate long.

30 “Are you feeling ok enough to get up, though?” Felix asked, standing up.  Rainbow assured him she was fine, and took his hand that he held out to her.  He helped her up off the ground, and she brushed the dust off herself. Smiling once more, Felix led the way through a door to their right into the large main room of the garage.

31 A medium-sized car was positioned in the center of the room, its front wheels raised higher up with ramps.  The car had no roof, not even one that could go up and down. It looked almost like a boat, with a short steeply angled windshield in front, and nothing of the sort on the back.  The seats were tan leather, and both were benches. There was no space in between the seats, even in front, making it able to carry six people comfortably. The sides were quite dented, so it was impossible to open the doors.  But despite its ramshackle appearance, it was clean, and looked like it could actually go somewhere.

32 “Wow,” Rainbow said breathlessly.  She had never seen a car that looked so nice.  “Does it actually run? Like, can you drive it places?”  Felix shook his head again, but explained that he and Baz nearly had it completely fixed.  So it wouldn’t be long before it was able to drive. When Rainbow asked, Felix confirmed her thoughts that Felix was somewhat Baz’s student.

33 “Yeah,” Felix said.  “He lets me live here just so long as I help him with whatever he needs.  Right now, the thing he needs is to get this car going. He only really likes to work on one big project at a time, and I’m more than happy to help.  Working on the car…it’s fun, I guess.”

34 “Fun?” Rainbow asked.  As far as she remembered, people under the influence of the Orations had no concept of fun.  They simply didn’t know what it was. Felix laughed, and the mist on his eyes very nearly vanished.  Rainbow could almost see their true green color.

35 “That’s what Baz calls it, anyway.  And I have to say I agree with him,” Felix said, almost sounding proud of himself and Baz.  Rainbow smiled to herself. Maybe, just maybe, she could get at least Felix, if not Baz as well, off the Orations completely.  It’d be nice to have some help with her quest.

36 “So,” Rainbow began.  “Where is Baz?” She was surprised to hear Felix say Baz was just in the other room. The room Felix went towards wasn’t the room the two of them were just in, but another side room.  “Felix, are you sure he’s ok me being in here?”

37 “Oh, sure, yeah,” Felix said, shrugging.  “Do you want to meet him?” Rainbow nodded nervously, not sure what to expect.  Felix led the way again, around the car to the other side of the room and though a door there.  When they entered Rainbow saw a small room with a workbench that was littered with tools and odd machine parts.  A somewhat old man with wrinkled skin and gray hair streaked white was standing in front of it, putting something together.

38 “Hello, Felix,” Baz said in a gravelly voice.  His steel-blue eyes turned cold when he turned around.  “Who is this?” Rainbow was relieved to see his eyes weren’t misty, but his tone scared her.  She shoved her hands in her pockets, lightly touching her guns for comfort.

39 “Baz Parrish may I present to you Rainbow Moon, the loveliest lass of Elysium City!” Felix announced, exaggerating his tone of voice ridiculously.  Rainbow blushed, managing to speak only a little squeak of a “hi.” Felix looked at her teasingly, eyes mist-free, like she had just ruined the moment.

40 “Pleasure,” Baz said, holding out his hand.  Rainbow shook it shyly, trying her best to avoid Felix’s gaze.  “Don’t mind Felix,” he continued. “I don’t think he’s ever properly met a girl before, so he’s a bit, shall we say, awkward.”

41 “So are you two not as affected by the Orations?” she asked, looking from one to the other.  They explained that they did the Orations properly and often, same as everyone else. No explanation of why they worked differently on them could be supplied.

42 About two weeks later, Rainbow had been pretty much adopted by the two mechanics.  They asked her quite a few questions, especially when they noticed that she didn’t chant the Orations.  When asked why, Rainbow explained what the Orations did to people. She told them how they were created to be addictive, and to make people think everything was fine with the world, and that GGI was a “normal” government.  Baz especially took this skeptically, but Felix was certain Rainbow was telling the truth. In her explanation, Rainbow had told them how her parents had died, and Felix knew exactly how she felt.

43 As time went on, Rainbow gradually convinced the two to believe her, and she mostly got them to stop chanting the Orations.  Every so often they, especially Felix, went into spasms that couldn’t be calmed by anything except the Orations. Even music didn’t do anything when they were in that situation.  But about six months after adopting Rainbow, the trio was ready with a plan to storm GGI and expose it for what it really was; a government that had no care for the well-being of its people.  It would be dangerous, especially since Rainbow had the only two guns. They tried finding and making others, but neither were successful.

44 Late at night, near the end of September, the trio hopped into the car, all three in the front with Baz driving.  GGI headquarters were about ten miles northeast of Elysium City, so the car, which they named Forsaken Death, was their best travel option.  Once they were outside Ely City, Rainbow turned on the radio which she had fixed and connected to her iPod. She turned the volume up loud, singing along with all her might, hair flying behind her.  Felix joined in, despite the fact that he was dreadfully off-key. Baz smiled, and pushed the gas pedal a bit harder, making Rainbow’s hair whip even more.

45 When they were about a mile from GGI HQ, Baz stopped the car and turned off the radio.  “You kids ready?” he asked, hopping out onto the dirt, avoiding the stiff sagebrush. Rainbow and Felix nodded, and Rainbow took off her baggy coat, revealing a close-cut black bodysuit with blue highlights.  Around her waist were two belts; one had a gun fastened to each hip, and the other contained shotgun shell-shaped glass vials which contained light purple liquid. She handed one gun and about five vials to Felix, who shoved both into his pockets.  Baz’s plan was to steal the gun from the first guard they took out. Once they were ready, they set off on foot towards the looming building, Baz hanging behind.

46 They crept slowly, relying on the moonlight to see where they were going.  If one of them stepped on and snapped a stick, all three froze for about ten seconds to make sure the noise hadn’t given them away.  Back at Forsaken Death they agreed that there would be no talking during their mission, relying on visuals to tell each other what to do.  Despite the fact that Baz was the oldest of their company, Rainbow led the way and gave most of the signals.

47 When they reached a side door leading into the building Rainbow waved the other two behind her and blasted the lock.  The ray gun didn’t make a lot of noise, but they waited a full minute to make sure they hadn’t been detected. If GGI knew they were there, they weren’t making any moves.  Rainbow flung the door open, catching it right before it banged against the wall. The room in front of them was mostly dark and looked like a storage unit. Once the trio was inside and had closed the door behind them, five guards leapt out from behind the boxes, pointing their guns and shooting with near-perfect accuracy.  Rainbow and Felix fired a few shots, taking out two of the guards as they ducked down. The rest of the fight was like a deadly whack-a-mole game with people popping up from behind the boxes to fire while trying to avoid getting hit themselves. A blast went through Rainbow’s hair, but fortunately the guards were the only ones who got injured.  When the firing ceased, the trio gagged the guards who were still alive and they took four of the guns, two for Felix and two for Baz. Rainbow was glad to have both of her own guns back; it was more security than just one.

48 The trio moved more cautiously after that, pointing guns in rooms before entering them, but they didn’t do much of that either since most doors they came upon were closed.  Rainbow assumed the guards were posted inside as they had been for the storage room. Eventually, they came upon a staircase and an elevator leading up to something hopefully more official.  They opted to take the stairs since unexpected elevator noise could alert more than five guards to their presence; if the whole of GGI didn’t already know they were here. At the top, they got more than they were hoping for.

49 The room was bristling with guards, as well as computers and other promising equipment.  A handful of people in suits were sitting at a table in the center, with Alex Carlyle sitting at the head.  The moment of shock didn’t last long before they screamed at the guards to act, which they did promptly. The trio formed a human triangle, backs facing each other.  They spun slowly, firing and dodging as necessary. It was difficult to shoot accurately, with the volume of noise and the need to make quick movements. Before they knew it, Felix was down.  Rainbow looked at him, afraid at what she would find, but he was simply curled on the ground, shaking. Orations. He was spazzing out and needed the Orations. Rainbow dropped down, keeping an eye out for shots fired in her direction.  She hefted Felix into a sitting position, and helped him start the chant. Once he was fully into it she stood up again, and she and Baz circled him while he recovered.

50 The amount of guards slowly diminished, collapsing as they were either killed or wounded.  The situation began to look promising, just for a minute. Just as she was thinking they were going to be fine, Rainbow shrieked as a strong arm pulled her aside, causing her to drop one of her guns.  When she twisted around, Alex’s face was right next to hers, and his eyes bled with fury. With another shriek, Rainbow elbowed his face and tried to scramble away, but he was too strong. He slammed her face-down onto the table with her arms bent behind her and tried to take her gun.  Rainbow pulled the trigger, not knowing what direction it was pointing. Apparently the shot hit home, because she heard a scream of pain and the pressure on her body was instantly gone. Without looking at the prostrate body, Rainbow straightened herself and turned around, firing at the computers until they were almost hidden by sprays of sparks and plumes of smoke.  When she turned to face her companions she saw a change in positions with Baz on the ground clutching his arm and a dazed Felix attempting to fire in a straight line. She leapt for them, pulling them towards the door of the elevator. Within a minute, they were inside, breathing heavily, trying to recover. But as the doors opened, they were met by another group of guards.  Rainbow yelled to run through, so that’s what they did, firing blindly as they went. They ran as quickly as they could, not stopping even after slamming through the door to the outside. As quickly as they could they made a run for the car, shots sometimes grazing their limbs. Once they reached Forsaken Death, Rainbow hopped in the driver’s seat, and the others jumped in next to her.  As they drove away, Rainbow pressed her foot all the way down on the pedal and turned the radio at full blast. She wouldn’t be going back to Elysium City, but the damage at GGI was done. It would take time for them to recover, giving her enough time to make her own base and hatch a new, better plan to Eliminate GGI completely.

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